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Correct posture is essential because it helps us to use our voice properly. Also, it has a positive effect on overall visual appearance.


Regularity in practice is a must. It does reflect on the overall growth. Practice should be a goal-oriented, power-practice. Each practice session should start with a clear goal of what to focus on. Practicing daily works better than skipping days and practicing longer to offset the missed days!


Creating a practice routine is strongly advised, specially for kids. This can be done by designating an area and maintaining a set time. Using an electronic 'tanpura' and a 'tabla' can be very helpful. Many apps are available nowadays. Using a timer is an excellent choice for kids. This puts their mind at ease, knowing that there is a finish line! Consequently, at the end of each practice session, they will gain a sense of achievement, which ultimately will boost their confidence.

Beginners must practice only what is advised & not each and every piece which they have learned. The voice ought to go through a process and must be given time to adhere to the techniques.

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