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Class Duration

Taraana Music offers classes in half-hour and 1-hour sessions. All classes are private, one-on-one basis. Classes can be taken on online platforms as well. 

Classes Offered

  • Hindustani Vocal Classical (Recommended for the kids)

  • Hindi Songs (Mixed Genre)

  • Bangla Songs (Mixed Genre)

  • Songs in other Indian Languages

  • Harmonium Lessons

Class Format; 'Monthly' or 'individual session'

'Monthly'* is the most opted format of the booking. Classes are pre-scheduled. Day & time is fixed.   

'individual session' offers the flexibility of taking classes without having to commit to a set schedule. This suits adults with a busy schedule, who are not able to commit to a schedule.

*The format of the classes change from time to time. Students will be notified in advance for any future changes.


Tuition fees

Tuition fees must be pre-paid. All renewals & new enrollments must be done online. Payment is accepted via these modes.

  • Zelle

  • Google-Pay

  • Bank transfer

  • Personal check

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