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TESTIMONIALS on Studend Day program

"It was a delightful experience to watch all participants rendering classical music. It was also a well-organized function, a rare Indian treat!! Nice job Sharmisthaji, congratulations."​

"Thank you for the beautiful musical afternoon. It was a hit, thanks to you."

"Thank you for the beautiful evening."

"The program was remarkable in many ways and very smooth. I was most impressed by the discipline of the performers from the little ones to the older ones."

"Congratulations!!! The success of the show is a testament to your dedication and sheer hard work. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful Taraana family."

"The program was fantastic. Thank you, Guruji :)"

"It was a very good program. As always Sharmistha Quality and Precision."

"Sharmistha ji with lots of love to you we want to thank you so much for all you have done for us."

"Thank you for having patience with me Sharmistha ji."

" The event was amazing :) You and your students did a great job....keep it up. Look forward to it again."

"Congratulations on another successful event."

"Congrats Sharmistha and team."

"Wonderful combination of children's talents and your guidance and efforts was beautifully showcased on Saturday.."

" Great event I am glad I got to help out. I look forward to it again :) Keep up the Great work."

" Thank you so much for everything and all your hard work. Everybody really enjoyed the program."

" Saturday's program was wonderful. It showcased the best of the best. Thank you for an amazing afternoon."

" Thank you for a wonderful afternoon last Saturday. You showcased the best in all these kids and it is commendable."

" The event was beautifully presented. From the brochure, stage set-up, and sound set-up everything was done beautifully. Student's performances were wonderful too."

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